(noun) abbreviation for the Team Kill Army.
The TKA is a community of gamers that specialize in First and Third person shooters on the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. The TKA likes to pride itself in fighting for the rights of the everyday gamer and forum poster. The TKA was founded early in the Spring of 2008 when DICE and EA failed to include the classic “Conquest” game mode in their new Battlefield game, Bad Company. Its founders, PRIVATE PUTZZZ and PRIVATE POOPY thought of the ingenious method to team kill in the Bad Company Beta as a "protest" method. Although the PRIVATES are usually legitimate players that despise boosters, cheaters and team killers, desperate times called for desperate measure. By team killing in the beta(which had NO team kill penalties), the TKA forced beta testers to quit through frustration. This countered DICE’s request for more people to play to test their servers. DICE must have realized something was amiss with their new philosophy and game mode, Gold Rush. Shortly after the beta was over, DICE and EA announced that Conquest was being reinstated as FREE DLC. The TKA was victorious(We realize it was the thousands of other hardcore Battlefield fans who complained that was the real reason for Conquest being reinstated...WINK...WINK...)…

PS: The name TKA(TEAM KILL ARMY) has led to a lot of confusion...Let me make this 100% CLEAR...WE DO NOT TEAM KILL or promote boosting or cheating in any way...Quite to the contrary, we are legitimate players who like to have a fun and relaxed time while playing...We are no hardcore clan...If you suck, that's OK with us...The name was used because of it's sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek nature and it definitely attracts a lot of attention...There are plenty of clan sites with a serious and hardcore tone... We wanted to be the opposite of those knuckleheads...LOL...I hope this clarifies matters...Thank you and have a nice day...
Rob N.: Geezum Crow. I am so fed up with all this God Damn Team Killing!
B. Mahn: don't worry Rob N. just go to the TKA and they will sort it all out for you in a nice orderly shit kicking.
…Serving the enemy well from 2008…
by Joer Mother is so fat September 10, 2008
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Another name for " her indoors " - to know all
Why is a man at his most intelligent when he is having sex ? Because he is plugged in tka
by CriostoirHulme August 07, 2005
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