T.I.L. (Today I Learned)
Often used as a space saver on websites such as Reddit or DIGG when writing the titles of links to interesting things the submitter has learned that day.
TIL that a meter is the distance light travels in 299,792,458ths of a second.
by zBriGuy August 20, 2009
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This is Lanka, a derivative of TIA (This is Africa) but for Sri Lanka.
Nimal: Ado bung where's the stuff we got shipped?
Hashella: I don't know, they must have knicked it :(
Nimal: Are you serious?
Hashella: Til my friend.
Nimal: Til?
Hashella: This is Lanka
by LankanHero April 09, 2011
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OMG I'm soooo TIL with Brad.
Brad and I are tilling it up tonight.
I'm overtil!
Is TIL out tonight?
I spotted TIL at the gym today!
by I can't evenTO November 22, 2014
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That Is Lame. Used when you find something lame.
Example 1:

Guy 1: Hey man i just lost a dollar
Guy 2: Jeez, TIL

Example 2:

Guy 1: Why did the monkey eat oranges?
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: Because he's a monkey!
Guy 2: TIL
by The Vizard November 11, 2010
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1. Things I Learned and/or Thought I Learned, 2. Things I Learned and/or Think I Learned.

When you have a minor epiphany, and realize or see something from a new perspective which causes you to at least smile to yourself about your genius.
Hay, Good day for white wedding. Today mine was about the use Hay as a greeting. Hay was then and is now the acronym for "How Are You? Remember the reply to Hay' was "hay is for horses" , well actually you were right. In this day of acronyms it fits. Thus, TIL/TIL
by RTPNick November 17, 2016
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TiL TiL is just a short form for Trap is Love Trap is Life. It can be used by anyone, but especially lazy people or stoners.
(In the comments section on YouTube of You Know You LIke It) You: TiL TiL
by Stone123 March 15, 2016
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Common misspelling of "till", as in "until". Look it up.
'Til death do us… wait, how does that go again?
by Ulmanor August 23, 2008
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