Til Schweiger is an annoying german actor, who is in nearly every german movie.
Friend: Wanna watch a movie?
Me: Of course, what movie?
Friend: It's a movie with Til Schweiger.
Me: *loads shotgun
by NobodyWillEverReadThis69 May 15, 2021
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The absolute opposite of lit. When something is so boring that you may as well be sleeping.
The party was so til I left immediately upon arrival
by BoonkGang42069 November 05, 2018
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He has a monster , slightly autistic, we all
Love him tho , green the dog , loves the reds like r bren
Big til has a dog called green
by VirgilVanDijk December 23, 2018
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“I am with you until death”
Used to help fight the war on veteran suicide
by ThatSlavicNerd January 02, 2021
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