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Common misspelling of "till", as in "until". Look it up.
'Til death do us… wait, how does that go again?
by Ulmanor August 23, 2008

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Defined by Jerry Seinfeld, in the episode "The Stranded": "All plans between men are tentative. If one man should suddenly have an opportunity to pursue a woman, it's like these two guys never met each other ever in life."
Elaine: Oh great, oh, this is great. How could you let him take the car?
Jerry: There's nothing I could do, it's part of Code.

Monologue:…This is the male code. And it doesn't matter how important the arrangements are, I mean, most of the time when they scrub a space shuttle mission it's because one of the astronauts met someone on his way to the launch pad. They hold that countdown. He's leaning against the rocket talking to her, "So listen, when I get back what do you say we get together for some Tang?"
by Ulmanor December 31, 2011

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Seventies slang for a police car, from the television show Adam 12. Adam refers to a two-person unit of the LAPD and the 12 to the fictional 12th district.
“Must be because I had the flu for Christmas and I’m not feeling up to par./It increases my paranoia, like looking in my mirror and seeing one of those damn lit-up Adam-12s.”
—David Crosby, “Almost Cut My Hair,” live, 1974
by Ulmanor May 20, 2020

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