To be lit or hight off 42 degree surface

Lit spelled backwards
Person 1: omg You are so lit rn
Person 2: no, I'm til
by Horselover February 09, 2017
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This is Lanka, a derivative of TIA (This is Africa) but for Sri Lanka.
Nimal: Ado bung where's the stuff we got shipped?
Hashella: I don't know, they must have knicked it :(
Nimal: Are you serious?
Hashella: Til my friend.
Nimal: Til?
Hashella: This is Lanka
by LankanHero April 09, 2011
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The absolute opposite of lit. When something is so boring that you may as well be sleeping.
The party was so til I left immediately upon arrival
by BoonkGang42069 November 05, 2018
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OMG I'm soooo TIL with Brad.
Brad and I are tilling it up tonight.
I'm overtil!
Is TIL out tonight?
I spotted TIL at the gym today!
by I can't evenTO November 22, 2014
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