When a male sends a nude picture to a female including dick, balls and asshole all in one photo.
This chick gave me her snapchat name so I sent her "the street light" to kick things off.
by Nappy Black Beard July 6, 2018
The thing that tells kids when it is time to go inside the house
You can go outside as long as you are back in the house by the time the street lights come on.
by ResponsibleDrinker31 October 13, 2017
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A positive/good vibes person that is single spreading good vibes to “the streets” so the streets don’t have to be so dark and also so people can see all that’s happening.
Good thing there are people that bring light to the streets because it’d really be dark without them. I like to call them “Street Lights”.
by JustBeJalen June 16, 2021
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Cough medicine pills containing DXM.
Consuming a lot of them will cause you to robotrip, or to hallucinate.
Ugh everything sucks, let's go to Walgreens and steal some streetlights and get away from everything.
by Johnzurek May 3, 2005
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1. A phrase coined by an art student, and later made popular around 2001.
2. A group of gangsters, or original gangster alike, who enjoy playing the game of basketball below street lights.
A basketball bouces into traffic
C-Dawg (To C-Dope): Awww-sheeet, let it go, let it go, the homies in the street light will get it.
C-Dope: 'Ight, 'ight...
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He's gonna call you as soon as the street lights come on he's gonna come getcha. So basically he won't call you in the day only at night. Cause he can sense that you wanna get did right , claiming that hes a millionare that you have never messed with before.. He's from the streets maken millions and your man can be working in an office job 9-5...
Daly City, raised in 3rd street nigga tryen to collect as many woman as possible, with his charming demeanors flossing his beamer, benz and bently... Always ready to ask for some becky.... While he sits you in his car and says Baby! I dedicate this song to you, while flowing it out loud in his car over looking the sunset at the beach shawty you's "Hotter than a street light"
by Always ready 2 gimme dat Henry September 28, 2010
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