"Cumulative Cunt Paradox" occurs when a plan intended for a limited number of people is accidentally shared with a cunt that not only wants to join but also shares the plan with multiple other cunts. Thereby ruining the entire plan for the original group of people.
I wanted to go on a one day trip to London with a couple of my acquaintances, but the Cumulative Cunt Paradox (CCP) occurred and now the whole fucking plan is ruined.
by the_almighty_zet October 21, 2021
"Cumulative Cunt Paradox (CCP)" occurs when a plan intended for a small group of people gets accidentally shared with a cunt, who not only wants to join in but also informs other cunts about this plan. Thereby, ruining the plan completely for the original group of people
I wanted to go on a one-day trip to London with a small group of acquittances, but the "Cumulative Cunt Paradox (CCP)" and now the entire plan is ruined.
by the_almighty_zet October 21, 2021
- A person whom cares more about their cats than themselves, others and or the Game Of Thrones series.

- A Person whom lives mostly alone, sewing cat outfits and may eat catfood themselves to get to know the cat-habitant even better.
Crazy Cat Person (ccp)

Hehe: Yo mama is a ccp! = your mother is crazy cat person.

#Sex Jokes: Dat booty... to bad she smells like a ccp! = Dat hoe smells like a cat's litter box / cat toilet.

Offencive?: Crazy cat woman? Thats offencive, rather say "crazy cat person!" = Dont call a person crazy cat male/female, say Person so in chase she is a Extreme feminist.
by The Poop Lord March 16, 2015
This is the automated message that Omegle gives you when chatting with a stranger on their website. It is not sent by the other person. it is an informational phrase and is only to let you know that that person was chosen randomly and you will not know who they are because they are a stranger.
Sir: I think I'm going to go on Omegle!

*opens up omegle*

*reads automated message*

Omegle: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP!
by Hotter babe May 7, 2021
short for Cheddar Cheese Pussy

When a woman is secreting cheddar cheese-looking like excretions from her vagina.

Invented by Samara Chalendi
Friend A: She a bad bitch!
Friend B: Why?
Friend A: 'Cause she got CCP but still be getting mad dick.

Man 1: So did you go down on her?
Man 2: Hell no, dude. She got a CCP. It smelled awful.

Friend 1: What did the gynaecologist say about your problem?
Friend 2: She said I had a bad case of CCP.
by samcha_20 November 15, 2021
cute cool popular from WCD
Nikki: I wanna be apart of the CCP and I don't because of Mackenzie
by shabaladoda April 1, 2022
Comparative Competing Product Smugness: verb - When a person mentions an issue with a particular product, and an acquaintance states that they never have an issue with a competing product that they own.
You: "I'm having a problem with my Android phone".

Them: "I never have that problem with iPhone"
You: "That's so CCPS" or "Stop CCPS'ing me"

You: "My vsCode is acting up really bad."
Them: "I never have a problem with Atom."
You: "I'm so sick of your Comparative Competing Product Smugness"
by you_just_dont_get_it June 16, 2021