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This is the automated message that Omegle gives you when chatting with a stranger on their website. It is not sent by the other person. it is an informational phrase and is only to let you know that that person was chosen randomly and you will not know who they are because they are a stranger.
Sir: I think I'm going to go on Omegle!

*opens up omegle*

*reads automated message*

Omegle: You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP!
by Hotter babe May 7, 2021
This slang is specifically used by baddies; they use it as a mating call to attract guys.
Baddie#1: What are you doing? Grrr

Baddie#2: Tryna get jacobs attention. Grr

Baddie#1 & #2: BADDIE GRRR
by Hotter babe May 1, 2021
When you want someone to fuck off, this is what you say.
Hot babe #1: hey, are you gonna watch the game tonight?

Hot babe #2: fuck off.
by Hotter babe March 12, 2021