An African American penis that female loves sucking on. Also known as a chocolate crack pipe.
Omg she was sucking the skin off the ccp down to the cream.
by Bellajack March 30, 2016
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Can be written as 共匪 (Gongfei). It's an insult word for the Chinese Communist Party used by anti-Communist/pro-democracy people. The word is banned on a video hosting site, Youtube, along with Wumao (50-cent Party).
Me : Typing 共匪 (Gongfei) and 5毛 (Wumao) into Youtube comment section of a random video
*15 seconds later*
Me : My comments disappear. It seems they really support those CCP bandits enough to delete words like these.
by Shiine-1 November 7, 2021
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Chinese Communist Party Virus: An evil virus started by a country full of disgusting bat-eaters. Now a pandemic, it has killed hundreds of thousands innocent people all over the world and has wreaked havoc in virtually every country. It’s well on our way of being endemic.
“I sure hope things start looking up soon. If it weren’t for the CCP Virus, I’d still be happily employed right now”.
by disco.puppy September 15, 2020
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CCP Bot is the name given to anyone who spreads propaganda online in favour of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Often these are 'real people' whom are paid, by the communist state of China, to spread misleading information and warped opinions, hence CCP Bot.

With the rise of China, has also come the rise of Chinese influence targeting western social media (Quora, Facebook, Twitter)
"That dude online says Coronavirus started in the US - but we all know the outbreak actually began in Wuhan Province, China - what a CCP bot."
by NotAStateActor February 4, 2021
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Also known as a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) puppet or a Chinese bot. Used to refer to or publicly bash anyone that dares to post opinions or facts that are not anti-CCP or even pro-CCP or on Social Networking Sites, especially when they actually make sense and you want to shut them up.

Made popular when SNS services such as twitter and facebook claimed that they censored a large number of "Chinese bots" in 2019, with many of them being actual Chinese users overseas or using VPNs. Since then, it's become acceptable to refer to obviously real persons as CCP bots.
"Maybe we should wear masks to avoid catching the coronavirus."

"It's a CCP propaganda to sell masks to other countries in order to economically control them, with the ultimate evil goal of taking over the world, you CCP bot! Shut up and go back to your country!"
by theRealCCPBot March 30, 2020
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An alternate name for COVID-19 popularized by the epoch times and other right-wing outlets. This name reflects the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 is a bioweapon created by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
The Epoch times calls COVID-19 the CCP virus
by a small duck December 3, 2020
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A rather ironic statement by an eve player to express a dislike of something happening to him ingame or of being affected by an action taken by the creators of the game. Usually people using the phrase love eve.
Box only 10/10. fuck ccp
by eeRisingson September 1, 2015
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