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More accurate term for TERFs. They shouldn't be associated with feminism in any way, so going forward they can be Trans Exclusionary Vocal Extremists.
A: Trans women are men
B: Don't be such a TEVE!

C: TERF is a slur! Don't call me a TERF just because I think that gender and sex are the same thing!
D: It's not a slur, sex and gender are NOT the same thing - and you have nothing to do with feminism - f*ck off you TEVE!
by AmberMixxy July 09, 2018
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A pronunciation of "Steve", often used by those whose first language is not english
"Ay Teve, vaht are you doing tomorrow aftah work?"
by Nevets77 June 10, 2013
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When someone is so stupid that they don't deserve to have their full one-syllable name pronounced.
"Teve, you are as tupid as Louis."
by andyfellovernet June 23, 2003
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