Short term for Pretend to express the false statment in one's story.
Ten your making money when the bum on the street is wearing better gear.
by amador July 27, 2005
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Yo I was packin' 2 tens when these niggas shot at me, so I busted back
by ac January 31, 2004
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(n) Ten is any high quality weed
(v) The act of smoking weed
(n) Dude we met up with billy and he hooked us up with some ten.
(v) Dude you want to ten?
by Tucker February 22, 2005
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"Ten-" A prefix added to an adjective (some exceptions) that amplifies its potency tenfold
by Fetorpse August 15, 2003
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The nickname for the BEST Chinese buffet in West Michigan where many fat men dine solo with a book, enjoying hours of Chinese food and a full sushi bar, with the option of an IMAX movie at Celebration Cinema or watch annoying sing and chant while making you overpriced ice cream at ColdStone across the street.
"Hey Mitch, you in for some Tens today?"

"I usually juice my pec's on Tuesdays, but Tens? Fudge it; I'm in!"
by ILoveSushi July 09, 2009
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