A way to agree strongly or affirm a comment made. A derivative of 10 on that.
Man 1: "Sex feels good on me pee-pee"
Man 2: "ten"
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
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Ten is THE BEST, it describes the UPMOST pleasure experienced at ONE TIME. It is usually used by members of the GGC tribe.
Ten can be used in many different situations, for example;

In place of Hello - "TEN man"
In place of Good - "Thats TEN"
Asking whether some one is ok - " Are you TENNING"

by onedreadcraig September 02, 2006
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Not just a number. Ten is a fine ass dude who is top tier in not just looks but also talent. The man dances like a god and sings like an angel. A hot ass mf on stage and a sassy and cute guy off stage. He’s a full package. In conclusion he’s 10/10. Stan him and nct/wayv period.
My friend: Hey, do you think this guy is a ten?

Me: If you’re talking about Ten then yes, he is indeed a ten.
by Gshjsjskksksisi August 29, 2020
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There are 10 digits in an American mobile number so you would use this phrase to indicate you want/giving your number out
β€œI’ll pass you my tens”
β€œCan I have your tens?i want to take u out”
by Noellia February 13, 2020
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A word used to express that someone has just done or said something corny or stupid. Often accompanied by one hand vertically hitting the other flat hand.
"If the floor had a name, it would be matt."
by jjoouulleess June 04, 2009
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Expressing one's annoyance instead of proclaiming, "I am angry at this current moment in time."
I'm a ten.
Neuhhhh i'm a Ten.
by wombbroom May 05, 2015
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