The personification of Time and the more friendly version of the Grim Reaper. Typically pictured as an old man with a white beard doning a cloak and oft times carrying a scythe and hourglass. In ancient times he was known as Chronus or Saturn.

Father Time is married to Mother Earth; just as the Grim Reaper, the personification of Death, is married to Life who pictured as a young lady in artwork.

He symbolizes the flow of time and its effects. His old body is a reminder that time is the devourer of all things and that, like the sand in the hourglass he often carries, his life will run out, as all good things come to an end.
He turns the seasons around
And so she changes her gown
But they always look in their prime
They go on dancing their dance
Of every lasting romance
Mother Earth and Father Time
The summer larks return to sing
Oh what a gift they give
Then autumn days grow short and cold
Oh what a joy to live
How very special are we
For just a moment to be
Part of life’s eternal rhyme
How very special are we
To have on our family tree
Mother Earth and Father Time
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
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A mythical figure (primarily associated with Greek mythology) who is supposedly the human manifestation of time. Considered to be the spouse of Mother Nature, Father Time is often depicted as a very old bearded man in a white robe. Today, he is the spokesperson for 2000 Flushes
"Every New Year's Eve, Father Time and the New Year's Baby have a televised wrestling match. The winner gets a free diva."
by UberMan5000 March 26, 2004
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The oldest living thing ever.... at college. This is the person who came to college years before any other of his current classmates, and has seen over a generation of students graduate before him. He is more likely to get a prescription to Viagra before he gets a diploma Diploma. However, in his old and experienced age, their infinite wisdom and knowledge of the social dynamics of the collegiate atmosphere are invaluable.
Person 1: Who invited that 60 year old to the party?
Person 2: Relax dude, that's Father Time! He's the life of this party and can drink more than anyone!
Person 1: Well shit, I hope he doesn't steal any of our chicks!
Person 2: Yea right, he's old!
by JoNicks July 20, 2010
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A Cincinnati nerfer, that is old, but still wins his fair share of games(Some would say more than his share.)
Twitch: Damn it Father Time you're old, you are not supposed to move that fast.

Other Nerfer: Wait, what? Father Time won another round? How?
by I'm Joe Somebody August 4, 2011
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This is when older people take a longer, more difficult time to do things. Sometimes, just because they can.
*an elderly couple taking a very long time to back out of a parking spot that you’re waiting for*

You: Holy fuck, they’re father timing us so hard right now.
by BattleItaly March 28, 2020
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Mean killing machine, that will let nothing stand in his/hers way of massive destruction.

In chinese it also can mean:

1) Peking Duck with lobster

2) Take off that clothe and get down
Chinse(2) Father Time me

Chinse(1) Uhm, I feel like Father Time tonight

by Peter Madsen March 14, 2003
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Time flies by when you're in a hurry; time slows down when you pay attention to it.
A: "When I drove home from work without gas it felt like forever as I hit every red light and go stuck behind every slow driver."
B: "You got busted by Father Time's Law."
"I can break every law in the book, but one law that always gets me is Father Time's Law... Wish I had a time-travelling DeLorean..."
by Wolfcry January 12, 2014
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