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Akronym: "To Be Negative" Used when clarifying your sarcasm or cynical distain for someone in a blog post or comment.
TBN: "Well, you cant really expect anyone to care about your breakup...because you cheated on her twice, yah Moron."
by Fabio Cline August 28, 2012
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to be nasty usually used on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.
"TBN I want dat ass ova here so I can make you feel real good"
by Bird11 January 13, 2015
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Typed But Not Sent- When you type up a sweet message but forget to send it then go to talk to that person weeks later and realize you didn't send your sick message then feel like a dick for not replying.
"I'll be late to work today - TBNS. Sorry boss forgot to send that yesterday. Am I still employed?"
by What's a pseudonym? ?? September 19, 2016
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Taking bitches niggas. This word is used when you want to take someone from another person to have them for yourself. This word is also the name of a global group called TBN that was originated in 2014.
by Beautiull January 31, 2015
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Trinity Broadcasting Network -- the evangelical network that outlived both founders, as some who are in the blab-it-n-grab-it would watch this 24-7 and often buy into the founder of the Moron Magnet as he'd ignore scientific insight and push Independent Baptist influenced pseudo-academia. It's a good chance you will find those who are McChurch and doing blog entries entirely with Christianese terminology or employing 1611 Speak. Noted for the controversial vocalist who tries to associate himself with Black Sabbath but he was never a member of the band, as he was just an audition for the solo project in the mid-1980s. The New York Times and their Christian counterparts chronicled the Fandom_Wank style in-fighting and the lavish trinkets they acquired -- including the pink poodle (yea we're talking weird.)
The Evangelical network TBN had always been the subject of subculture based barbs, the light blue blog via his tumblr found a photo of the founder giving the highway salute online and started laughing quite hard -- so hard he was really in tears because he couldn't believe how hilarious it was. "His very first obscene gesture" citing Rosanne Bar 1990 sitcom as the source of the joke about giving the finger on camera. It's something that you think Babylon Bee was making an elaborate prank about as they made reference to H. P. Lovecraft and Jerry Falwell in the same breath.
by ilinoishorrorman January 29, 2018
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TBN-Top Bunk Niggas
them niggas who take you bitch train her and do it with ease

It’s not only that it’s also a lifestyle/brotherhood

It’s the niggas who do what the fuck they want and do that shit while being drippy 🦍
via giphy
by Real Nigga 🦍 March 04, 2019
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