TV show full of hot girls and troubled relationships. You know it's on when all the white chicks log off.
"You want to go out with me? Hold that thought for an hour, the OC's on."
by anonymous March 29, 2005
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A GREAT show on Fox that revolves around rich beautiful teenagers and their rich beautiful parents. Obviously they have problems, a little over the top, but still, it's one of the best shows on TV.
People who say things like "it's the decline of american society" can go to hell since they're taking their time off to tell it off.
person: oh, do you watch the OC?
person2: uhh, no, it's so cliche, and gay.
person: ..have you ever seen it?
person2: no, but i hate it, that's enough for me.
by ishan charming March 16, 2006
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Fuckin greatest show on fox since malcom in the middle thats not reality like midgets pulling an airplane. Shelly thinks that Ryan is hot. I think Marissa is hot. Well it's hot.
Shelly, N-Gav, Shannon, and Romulus all watch the OC on Fox.
by Romulus January 8, 2004
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A predictable, strangely addictive prime-time soap opera, featuring an alcoholic teenage girl and her adventures with the rough-and-tumble outsider her parents saved from a life of crime in Chino, and the escapades of other melodramatic yet lovable characters.
No, I can't go out Thursday night. The O.C.'s on.

Oh my God! Katie just got the second season of the O.C. on DVD! We have to watch it.
by contributer July 2, 2005
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A load of crap that illustrates the decline of American society. A.K.A. OLD COCK
Some Girl: "OMG the OC is sooooo awesome!
by Miss Mayer 2 u November 12, 2004
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a stupid-ass show that is completely inaccurate. newport beach isnt even like that. the show sucks too.
the show is fucked up. nothings right. so yea
by georfred December 17, 2004
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OC is an acronym for "Only Caucasians" and it is true.
Only caucasians is on this show and it is aimed for only caucasians
by 1 June 27, 2005
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