Cajun French and English mashup between a shortened version of 'petit' and boy that means lil boy. T can be put in front of any name like T-John (John Jr.) or T-Marc (Mark Jr.) or it can serves as a generic nickname if used in front of the word 'boy'. It's primarily used in Southwest Louisiana as a term of endearment. .
T-boy , I told you twice now to stop messing with that stray dog. Fait pas ca!
by Saebas November 3, 2015
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(Testosterone Boy) a guy who goes out of their way to show off their masculinity. For example: a dude who wrestles with another person due to a small insult or just randomly.
by T-boy FMA January 8, 2020
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name for the entire white male species of the "trailer world."
also known as tobies

trailer trash tobies can be found wearing plaid farmer shirts with cut-off sleeves, jorts, a shirt they bought at the wal-mart for $2.57 with an attempt to make it look like it came from banana republic, camouflage pants or shorts, and more than likely has chains hanging from their neck.

t-boy's have an uncanny ability to stare you down and make you feel like vomiting on yourself and the people around you.

when they look in your direction, quickly look away and say, "gross."

"ugggggggghhhh..there were some t-boys walking down the road today."
-"did you tell them to holla?"
"no. i told them to get a job, a life, and a new living facility."
by k susan b. anthony August 12, 2008
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The charisma and charm characteristic of a transgender man or transmasculine non-binary individual.
Kai has so much t-boy swag
“I wore my binder today, I had so much t-boy swag”
by TheoBoySwag May 6, 2022
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A phrase popular in the LGBTQIA+ community to refer to trans men or transmasculine nonbinary individuals who adopt a more confident and exuberant demeanor once they start transitioning.

Sometimes t-boy swag is used in a light hearted, tongue in cheek way to describe a stage where trans masculine folks are new to presenting masculine and still finding their style.
"Elliot page is so hot, I love his t boy swag"

"Look at that handsome short king in the button up shirt and backwards hat - hes got t boy swag"

"Since Kai started T he's developed some real t-boy swag, he is so much more confident"
by Alex400010 August 6, 2022
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When you take a bath and your washrag has a long brown streak on it.
Matt took a T-Boy bath and had to throw away his washrag.
by Dookiebone March 2, 2018
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T boys are a group of queers from Tranent who never leave Tranent and always shite there selfs from mussy. T boys also dick slap each other to keep there selfs entertained
T boys are wee gremlins that are all on the dool
by Fuck yer t February 8, 2021
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