similar to a transman but not identifying explicitly as male and male only. Often a genderqueer person who is transitioning to be more masculine but not necessarily ftm. Can also be simply an umbrella term for any person transitioning to be more masculine (with binders, testosterone, packing, or other common forms of transitioning to a more masculine character)
"Are you female to male transgender?"
"Kind of, but I'm genderqueer so I just identify as transmasculine"
by Nico7623 September 12, 2013
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Transmasculine, sometimes abbreviated to transmasc, is an umbrella term that describes a transgender person (generally, but not exclusively, one who was assigned female at birth), and whose gender is masculine and/or who express themselves in a masculine way. 12 Transmasculine people feel a connection with masculinity, but do not always identify as a man. Transmasculine people don't always need to be referred to as "he/him" or as a man. Some transmasculine people use "they/them", "he/they", and sometimes even "she/her" pronouns.

Transmasculine people may include, but are not limited to:

Binary trans men
Nonbinary men
Multigender people
Genderfluid people who identify as masculine more often than other genders.
Nonbinary people, as long as they identify with masculinity.
Transfeminine is the feminine equivalent of transmasculine.

The most common transmasculine flag has pink stripes on the top and bottom, and a symmetrical gradient of blue stripes in the middle. See Category:Transmasculine pride flags for other proposed transmasculine flags

Someone who's gender is masculine
by MoonSat4rn September 24, 2023
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