When one is wearing a thong/g-string, they sit down, it sticks out, and you see a T-Bar
"Johnny, Johnny! look over there! IT'S A T-BAR!"
by Jennifer April 10, 2004
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A nickname given to the Australian city of Toowoomba by it's inhabitants.

Usually used by teenagers who put the name on their myspaces to hide the shame of writing that they come from the city of Toowoomba, soon to become the only city in Australia to drink their own sewerage water.
Sarah says:ASL?
Lee says:17 male T-Bar.
Sarah says:T-Bar?
Lee says:Toowoomba......
Sarah says: HAHA-POOwoomba! *leaves conversation*
by exfriendstotheend December 14, 2007
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Some guy from Retribution, not even that scary
Monday Nights are for T-Bar and Retribution only!
by BroskiRBX September 26, 2020
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When riding a T-Bar ski lift and the T-Bar hits and injures you.
Mark got T-Barred at Brekenridge and now has a big welt on his chest.
by TheSkiier76 January 8, 2014
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Australian TV cult show Kath and Kim, T-Bar is descibed and shown worn by Kim
by Gazz52 January 11, 2006
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Slang for "Time-Out." To signal this, a person will put his/her left arm in a horizontal position and place his/her right arm perpendicular at the forearm of the left to create a "T."
When your professor is talking so fast that you can't keep up with your note taking, make the T-bar sign and say, "T-bar Professor. Can you repeat that?"
by dovelydo November 9, 2011
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The act of using a girls pigtails to thrust her tonsils on your penis.
Bro I was totally T Barring that chick
by the friendly farmer November 27, 2010
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