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God's waiting room, a town where old people go to die.
Guy1: Hows your grandma
Guy2: OH she moved to toowoomba
guy1: Oh man I'm so sorry, how long does she have left?
by Toowoomban-ite May 18, 2009
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A town in Queensland, Australia.
It is a good town, filled with good people. Home to the carnival of flowers and AGMF and other awesome events.
It was Australias most livable city three times and most likely still is.

People in Toowoomba are generally (as a generality, not insulting other cities) more athletic than other cities because Toowoomba is at a higher altitude than most of QLD and thus we have more efficient blood transportation systems.
Overall a good clean city with awesome features and people.
Come visit some time!
You are more than welcome!
"hey man, see they guy that came from Toowoomba"
"yeah he is a good man from a good city"
by Greenstreet4444 September 21, 2006
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A place inhabited primarily by hicks and rednecks and other incestual beings.
Oh he comes from Toowoomba? He must be dating his sister.
by vg May 06, 2005
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Toowoomba is a city situated in South East Queensland, Australia, commonly referred to as the Garden City. It's located 127 kilometres from the state capital, Brisbane.
Toowoomba is the Garden City
by gctekniques December 25, 2010
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