Yes Syria is a name and I know what your thinking "boi Syria is not a real name!" But I'm sorry but it is and well on my birth papers is says Syria gray so I proved the internet wrong because it says no one in the world is named syria
People can say "hey Syria" or hi how are you Syria"
by Syria&the end May 4, 2018
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A term used to ask if one is serious about the comment they just made. (wog term)
by jem August 16, 2004
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A pl ace with lots of h eat. A place of continued monit oring by the k ing.
Hey I am wal king around my ca sa in syria in GQ mode. Why you guys got to see 24 7?
by Permanent Scarlet Letter December 22, 2018
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the bestest friends in the world. girls who are funny sweet and caring. Girls who count on all the time.
ava jasalin liz syria and val

love each other.
by coolestperosneversyria April 29, 2022
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