The democratically elected president of Syria. He is not exactly evil monster dictator as US propaganda and western bullshit media (CNN, BBC) says.

Before Syrian civil war started, Syria was a peaceful country with happy citizens living in prosperity. What he did was to keep Syria away from western influence, and nationalize Syrian industries instead of giving them to western companies. Which pissed off USA and NATO imperialists, and they decided to ruin the shit out of Syria just like what they did to Iraq and Libya.
Bashar al-Assad is a good person.
by p0seidon November 30, 2019
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A very based man that was democratically elected as the president of Syria and was shown as a tyrant in Western Propaganda.
Bashar al-Assad:"America fucked over my country like Iraq :("
Person:"Poor guy."
by TurkeyisnotEU June 22, 2021
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The president of the Syrian Arab Republic. Has managed to survive 5 years of the Syrian War and regain most of the populated areas of the country because of a fair degree of support amongst most groups of the Syrian population.

Opposed by western interests, destructive Gulf states and their puppets on the ground.

As a reformer, under his rule the Syrian economy steadily improved before the onset of the war. Several steps on the way to democracy were also taken such as a multi-party system in the Syrian Parliament, however strangely enough some western observers still claim the country would be better off governed by the allies of the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda even though they strongly oppose democracy as a western invention.
Phrase used by the supports of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government:
Allah, Souriya, Bashar ou bas!
by GreenBus November 20, 2016
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The current dictator president of Syria. Elected over and over again with 99.99% votes even though 70% of the population hates him. Directly caused the death and displacement of tens of millions of innocent families. If you talk ill of him once, you'll be found dead the next day, or get jailed up years without anyone knowing where you went. Perfect example of a corrupt sociopath dictator.
Bashar al-Assad will burn in Hell.
by Siin August 15, 2016
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Greatest president in the Middle East and even if media paints him as a dictator he stands strong and his people love him,
That’s a cool guy like Bashar Al-Assad
by Rodolfo Ali April 15, 2019
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A dictator who has murdered thousands of people and allowed ISIS to spread terror across the world. Hitler's middle eastern look alike.
Bashar Al Assad will get what's coming to him.
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