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Syria is the most beautiful country in the entire world, with the most delicious food and humble people. Unfortunately there is a Civil war in Syria right now, some areas are destructed, but many remain as beautiful as they have always been. Syria and its people are always judged and called “terrorists” because most people nowadays are close minded, uneducated, and judgmental. Everyone who has ever lived, visited, or known Syria knows how beautiful the place truly is, like no other.
Person 1: I miss living in Syria. I had my happiest days best childhood memories there.
Person 2: Really man?? Isn’t it all bombed and shii.
Person 1: Unfortunately some areas are, but many aren’t and tourists should start visiting it! It’s really beautiful and historic!
Person 2: Damn bro, i want to visit Syria one day.
Person 1: You’ll absolutely love it.
by SyrianKing November 26, 2019
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