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Syntaxing (verb) - The action (or art) of computer programming hackery. Syntaxing is what any good programmer does during the hours of 9 to 5. Only elite and high-level programmers refer to their trade as "Syntaxing." Low level programmers are not worthy of referring to their work as "Syntaxing."
Nathan: "Hey what are you doing?"
Vanessa: "I am syntaxing this new website we are building."
by WordBoom July 24, 2012
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v. (Present active. Past tense: Syntaxed) The act of a person pointing out mistakes in another person's code not related the ideas itself but rather to the construction of the code in the current language. Generally considered pedantic unless explicitly solicited, since modern compilers will do this by default, and some IDEs even point out the error prior to compile time.

Related to syntax (in the programming sense). If the syntaxing is pointing to a correct case, the case is a syntax error. When a compiler throws the error, it is a compile-time error. When the IDE points it out, it is a compile warning.
No, Mr. Gates, when I point out the critical logical faults in your programs I am not syntaxing you!
by VerbMaker August 21, 2010
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