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This syndrome is what all modern doctors have been showing symptoms of. It's where they can't stop making up syndromes and disorders to diagnose people with. And they're only making them up in order to make more medications, which in turn make more money. These syndromes include ADD, ADHD, and "Restless Legs Syndrome".
Examples of 2 doctors who have Syndrome Syndrome:

Guy: "And like, I have these weird muscle spasms, where I can't keep my legs still when I'm trying to go to sleep."
Doctor: "Oh yeah? Well, that must be uh... Restless Legs Syndrome. Yeah, that's it. Here's the medication you're gonna need to take to treat it..."

Woman: "My child is so hyper! I know he's only five, but I just wanna sit around and watch TV! Why can't I just sit around and watch TV without my kid getting into stuff?"
Doctor: "Because he has ADD. Here, give him some of this, it should calm him down."
by Squishy Cool August 12, 2006
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A term named after the antagonist Syndrome from The Incredibles, describing a cast of characters that are all so overwhelmingly powerful that when scaled with each other become nothing more than ordinary.
Make sure the characters in your story don’t have Syndrome syndrome, or none of them will stand out.
by aet8 June 09, 2018
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