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Stands for Bitches R Scum

Used to describe a girl or girls that leads guys on. These girls lie, cheat, deceive and usually put themselves first before anyone else because they want it all. These girls have few or no friends, if they appear to have friends, these friends are usually fake.

Many flakes, sluts, skanks, and bitches are BRS.
Damn dude! This girl flaked on me yesterday. She's BRS!!

That girl is BRS for leading you on like that bro.
by BursDurs August 29, 2009
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Short for Big Red Switch; it refers to the power switch on a computer, especially the "Emergency Pull" switch on an IBM mainframe or the power switch on an IBM PC where it really is large and red. Although the term comes from the literal big red switch on some old PCs, it refers to any power switch.
"This computer is frozen. Try the BRS."
by Blakkreaper from da waaagh! August 05, 2014
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Chat slang for back real soon, used as and abbreviation for people who wish to seem busier and more important then they really are.
john- I have to you the toilet brs.
greg- ok
by Sara mcloven May 14, 2008
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Bong Rips. BRS. Usually includes a large session of a few people gathered together to enjoy the smoking of marijuana. Bong rips all day everyday. So fuckin high.
Yo dude, lets go take some BRS.

by FourTwentyGiddyHigh April 04, 2010
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Bitches Run Shit.

The most intense gym team in the history of KHS.
We're out for blood.
Yo watch out for the BRS- those bitches is CRAZY.
by Katherine90 May 24, 2008
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