God amongst all.
Rich and powerful man, unlike others.
What a rich guy Syed is.
by Philipizmo December 29, 2020
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Guy: I'll be right there
Girl: Okay
Guy: sys
by PhoenixX April 2, 2005
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suck yourself’ 💀
go sys
by huh ok October 24, 2020
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Syed in Arabic means Honorable. Syed refers to a very respected clan in Arab world i.e. to people who are desendents of the prophet. Most Arabs refer to Syeds for Spiritual healing and prayers. However, there are some individuals who claim to be Syed but are not. Such people bring bad name to the authentic Syeds.

Syed Sahib told me some prayers for difficult times.
I went to Syed Sahib for his blessings.
by CycloneCommerce December 19, 2006
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A Pimp ass mother fucker who owns bitches in different area codes
Man, after tonight i feel like a real sy.
by WelcomeToTheRiceFields April 28, 2016
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susie: i had a great day (:
stephen: k
susie: sy

stephen: i broke your guitar
susie: SY!!
by desperateforacceptance November 3, 2011
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