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A really cool and awesome person who usually owns at beer pong.
Holy crap that dude is such a sahib! I wish I could get with him and his beer pong skills!
by monkey763 June 22, 2009
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He is a really fast and epic dude he never gives up in a game and he is really good at sports.
by I'm your daddy101 February 27, 2017
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During the slavery in Europe, the slaves used to call their owners as sahib.
Sahib, may I sleep in the yarn tonight?
No, you are sleeping with me, ehehehe
by halil July 02, 2006
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She is the most amazing beautiful stunning girl. She has sparkles in her eyes. She is always there for her besties and she will make them smile no matter what there like. Weather your a boy or girl she will keep you happy and make you smile everyday. She is fun cheerful funny and kind. But yes if you get her annoyed or angry she will shout the whole roof down. She will shout at you for a long time until you calm her down. But she is still the most amazing person on earth. She will never leave a chance for you to stop laughing. She has an amazing personality and a huge heart.
Omg you made me laugh a lot Sahib
by SlimeLover123 January 06, 2018
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A name coming from the depths of Punjab, India (shitland). The name Sahib is usually given to Giannis, Gyanis, Gaynis, Gays... etc. A Sahib can be very annoying and not know when to shut his mouth
Normal being: Sahib want to play some Xbox?
Sahib: Nah bro it’s rainig
by Therealboomin September 19, 2018
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