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(adj) (pronounced sWordee)
Inspired by the regional american accents in the Disney film 'Aladdin' (1993), 'swordy' has come to be synonomous with nifty or cool.
In the song 'Prince Ali' a small boy has the line 'One hundred bad guys with sWords'. The term 'swordy' came from and highlights the lack of a silent W in the boy's pronunciation due to a strong New York accent.
Mum: Yes, dear?
Boy: What are we doing tomorrow?
Mum: Tomorrow we are going to Disney Land!
Boy: WOW Swordy!
Mum: :S
by Jen D January 17, 2006
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A game played by homosexuals in which they use there penises in the place of swords replicating the popular sport of fencing. Where they arouse each other from the clashes of each others penises. The loser is the first to go limp, where the winner gets the privilege of slapping his penis in the face of his defeated combatant.

It has been known to cause heavy bruising to the penis and even blood has been drawn in the fierciest of swordy battles.
An guard!!! draw your sword joel!!lets battle, lets play swordy!
by Dr. Jeff Cortez July 28, 2007
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A non-NPC character from the game World of Warcraft. Revered as a living legend, said to be able to own Ragnaros with a single swing. His trusty sword is called the Zin'Rokh, a drop from Hakkar in ZG.

Commonly placed with; lawl, zomg, laserz, pew pew, owns, ownage, kapow.
"Zomg Swordy pew pew!"
by Swordy. September 18, 2006
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