Pop a Viagra, then right before it kicks in, insert your limp dick into your girl's pussy. Shout "Thundercats Ho!" just as you get your boner. Then right before you're about to come, pull out, stick your junk on your girls face, say "Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight," and then spooge in her eyes. Timing must be impeccable.
"Dude I'm gonna slay that bitch-dragon with my Sword of Omens. Snarf can't watch, though."
by Slick Mickey November 20, 2008
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When a male is standing a female will get on her knees and make a fist to balance his penis straight up and down while laying the balls on top of her fist so they act like the hilt of a sword. When this has been accomplished, she must press her face (eye sockets to nuts) and shout at the top of her lungs, "Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight."
Girl 1: I tried that new Sword of Omens thing and I could see my house from his bedroom.
Girl 2: Wow, it really does work!
by Unkle Samm October 07, 2009
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the act of ejaculating onto the top of a girl's head like a fountain with your erect penis pressed against the forehead, and a testicle placed over each of her eyes.
dude, this girl is a keeper, last night she gave me a Sword of Omens in a porta-potty at the special olympics!
by Dr. SftPork September 10, 2008
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