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Sword used by Lion-o in the 80's cartoon ThunderCats
Sword of Omens come to my hand
by Saber June 17, 2006
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Fangot (V) (to fang, fanged, fanging, will fang, fangs)

1. To manhandle
2. Lollygagging
3. To drool on oneself. Ex. "Stop fanging around" "I fanged him up".

(N) (pl.
1. A particularly dense person
2. An inexperienced person
3. Nitwit
4. One with a short attention span
5. Pointless addition to sentences. Ex. "Boy, he's a fangot."

short- 'fang'. Fangroast (N)
1. An object, person, place, or event that causes extreme
disgust. Ex. "You are a fangroast".

Fangotry (N) 1. Any state of events in which
fanging, fangots, or fangroasts are involved. Ex. "That was fangotry at it's best!
Shut up you flaming fangot.
by Saber December 15, 2002
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1. A Horrid game based on Tribes 2 ,
graphics are good, but gameplay is shitty.
Lamers fire instant kill weapons into bases and kill ANYBODY that spawns, vehicles are useless, weapons do WAY to much damage, move WAY to fast, armors move WAY to fast, has almost no good servers at all, got rid of the dedicated server for things like browsers, ACTUAL clan browser/player browser T-mail (like E-mail), having to log in, etc

also, it got rid of one of the best parts of Tribes 2, the TEAMPLAY, for instance in Tribes 2 if you went into a enemy base (which were HUGE in Tribes 2 compared to Tribes Vengeance) you'd die in a minute or two.
in T:V you will die after about 10.
T:V also got rid of the almost perfect engine Tribes 2 ran on, Torque.

T:V also got rid of the in-game easy to use level editor.

T:V is a piece of junk compared to Tribes 2
1. T:V Is horrid, a rip-off, has very little players, and very bad mod-community (there are only like 3 mods for the game so far despite being out for over 2 years)
by Saber June 04, 2005
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the act of harrassing a particular person or raping a person with messages
fuck, saber flamed me with IM's on AIM!
by Saber December 02, 2003
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