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Surreptitiously checking Urban Dictionary during a game of Cards Against Humanity, because you have no idea what the card you just drew means.
When I drew the "Swooping" card, I knew I would be swooping it.
by MenschMaschine October 19, 2012
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In a tragic swooping incident, Michael Phelps won the gold but lost his dignity;
bill had a burrito before going in the ocean and he started swooping;
Sorry I swooped in your pool;
I was swooping non-stop after taking a laxative before swim team practice.
by SwoopDoggyDog July 06, 2013
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When you leap hope your dick ends up in the right hole.
Swooping: I swooped this girl last night and I broke my dick.
by NEModels December 18, 2017
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A term used by commissioned salespeople to describe the act of stealing a customer from another salesperson. Swooping is a thing that often happens by accident. When salespeople swoop on purpose, it makes them into a swooper, and swoopers are dicks.
-Dave: "Weren't you showing that customer those camera lenses?"
-Sarah: "Yeah, but I went to go check the backstock and Nick swooped me."

-Dave: "I hate Nick. He is always swooping my deals!"
Sarah: "Yeah, what a dick."
by Mr Cnowledge February 15, 2015
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To put the moves on somebody who's been rejected by their desired. This is a card in Urban Dictionary and nobody knows what it means. This is the actual meaning.
Guy 1: "I hooked up with Andrea last weekend."
Guy 2: "Really? It seemed like she was into Steven."
Guy 1: "He wasn't feeling it so I swooped in."
Guy 2: "Wow, you are really good at swooping."
by Mr Cnowledge December 08, 2014
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The act of a judge interrupting the start of the match, after presentation, but before cards are drawn to acquire the decks of 2 players in order to perform a deck check.
Swooping is similar to pouncing, diving, preying, collecting, descending but not quite.
by Jalum Grifter January 14, 2014
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