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A general term for a male you do not like. Typically used as an insult to call a guy "lame" or a "tool." More specifically, a swoog is a guy who portrays himself as a typical "frat boy" or a guy who pops up his shirt collar. The term, however, is commonly used to address friends in a joking manner.
Example 1: "Why did you bring all of those swoogs to the party?"

Example 2: "Every swoog I see wears a North Face jacket and a pink shirt."

Example 3: "That guy is a total fuckin' swoog."

Example 4 (friendly): "Yo, swoog, you got any pot?"

by Ninjaneer May 17, 2007
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Another name raciest white people use to not say the "N word" in public.
"Wasnt nuthin but a bunch of swoogs there!"


"She hangs out with swoogs."
by wat-u-kno-bout-dat? January 17, 2009
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When you try to drink out of a plastic water bottle and miss your mouth, causing the liquid to drench your shirt; when you are squirted by tons of plastic water bottles and are so soaked you have to take off your shirt.
"...Did you just take a huge swoog from my Snap2O?"
"Dude, you totally got swooged."
by brigidthree August 17, 2005
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To be incorrect, or wrong. Also can be used as an insulting adjective to describe someone who is totally wrong.
Sammy your so swoog.

Dude, i hate swoog people like you!
by 34horseguy April 20, 2009
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