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Bro, you've been on swole-bay for sure, you're looking JACKED AF
by SwoleBay March 26, 2020
a word meaning extremley built, buff, and muscular. Mostly used by baseball players or female friends of baseball players.
by itsme234 October 16, 2010
Used when the speaker is intending to mean swollen or swelled, but lacks the education or the motivation to add the extra syllable. Does not appear in any legitimate dictionary. I've never heard it pronounced "shwoal" even in Texas, but as it's a made up word, I suppose you can pronounce it however you please.
I stubbed my toe and it swole up! (should be swelled)
Her toe is really swole. (should be swollen)
by grammarshmammar March 11, 2008
1. being angry or pissed
2. being sore or hurting
1. yo when he got beat for $10 he was swole as hell
2. Yo I was swole from all that liftin
by Jeremiah May 23, 2003
mostly used by inmates as a form of food made from a mixture of whatever they got in canteen. noodles, chips, etc.
Me: Baby, y u makin swole--u aint locked no more- Ima make u some dinner.

Him: O, shit, jail make u crazy man. U gon' cook then bunny.
by SnowBunnie April 21, 2006
to be extremely angry, when no words can defined how angry you are.
Dude, I'm swole.
by gigglets September 21, 2010
1.The act of being upset, mad, angry;
2. being sore
1.That bitch was swole as hell when he got beat for his cash
2.Yo i'm swole from all that liftin
by Jeremiah May 23, 2003