3 definitions by Jcover

To swell up your body in a confrontational manner. To step to someone while swelling your muscles, in an attempt to intimidate or scare.
"Don't swole up on me bro... This is for charity."
by Jcover May 18, 2014
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Pussy that has been aged from years of sitting on a bar stool at the local tavern. Most often having a salty taste with a honey glazed looked about it.
In need of a slam piece for the night, I dragged home some regional tavern ham. It was like a wizards sleeve blowin' in the wind.
by Jcover June 27, 2014
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The oral act of licking sweat from a cowboys nut sack to his asshole, with specific consideration for the chode, after a tough day in the saddle.
"Courtney gave me a Salty Cowboy, after I fixed her porch".
by Jcover May 23, 2014
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