The act of getting muscular/buff or in shape. See swole.
"I'm going to the gym to swole up."
by IceWarm November 6, 2004
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to get pregnant
old girl done got swole up

John Wion swole up that ugly ass girl
by less August 29, 2003
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When you suck a dick that has a fruit roll up rolled around it.
I can believe I gave my Grandpa a a fruit swole up last night.
by Soup can Sam December 24, 2021
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trying to calm someone down cause they are very mad and upset . asking someone to stop hollering and/or cursing.
#1male; I can do anything I f** ing want to, you can' stop me.
#2male; hold up swole up, I'm not gona stop you, but think about it before you do it.
by country bama girl August 7, 2009
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