A basketball player (Normally the 3 Man) who runs the baseline as the ball is passed from side to side......Im better than you
"Hey, did you see Eric Williams last night, hes such a good swingman"
by Casey Ford February 23, 2003
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A wingman that will absolutely blast a dude in the face while his boy lays pipe to the victim's GF.
Stitch just laid that dude out while Troy piped that bitch against the dumpster. Swingman for real!
by Stitch Danger November 18, 2011
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A Boss that suffers from bi-polar disorder. One second everything cool, then you're fired. He has OCD about moving rugs on the floor so they are lined up with cracks. He only wears sweaters all year round, and 95% chance of being a cannibal.
Swingman has one ugly collection of swingsweaters. Swingman raided bill Cosby's sweater closet!
by DorothyGaleOaktown September 10, 2010
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The guy who is not on his usual route.... he is the fill in guy!
The swingman asked the hot girl who was totally out of his league, of course she said "NO"!
by Lucy & Lola January 24, 2009
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when manliness swings around...aka the hanging/drop of testicles.
"did you see the swingman on that guy?? you could put an eye out with that type of shit!"
by etchasketch October 22, 2003
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