When a Man is getting a blow job and right before he reaches climax he turns the womans head and Ejaculates in her ear.
" She was slobbin my knob and I totally gave her the Sticky Swimmers ear last night, that bitch still can't hear out of her right ear!" said max
by G-spunktastic January 13, 2010
The simultaneously unfortunate and wonderful feeling that is premature ejaculation
Randy: And then I got in there and it felt soooo sweeet!!
Wally: DUDE!!!
Randy: She looked me in the eye, whispered my name and I couldn't stop the swimmers!!!
Wally: You bitch! Control your jizz!
by von groovy April 13, 2019
When you leave a mass of water and still have the feeling of water still trapped inside of your ear
Surfer dude 1 -"Hey dude you wanna grab some food in 20"

Surfer dude 2 -"Sorry bro I didn't hear a word you said"

Surfer dude 1 - "Oh you got that swimmer's ear going on."
by the R3AL DEF March 17, 2016
An inexperienced drunk who's booze fueled escapades often descend into either pretending to swim on the floor, or being legitimately unable to stand giving the impression of swimming on the floor.
"That Mick guy who showed up last night was a drunken mess, a real floor swimmer"
by FrigOff April 8, 2014
Friend- “Yooo is that a gay fish?”
Other friend- “nah that’s just a male swimmer
by PUSSYSLAYER_420_69 February 20, 2021
Somebody very active in the gay watersports community
Person 1: Hey! I heard that you’re an active swimmer.

Person 2: Yeah. I spend on day watching piss kink videos on Reddit.
by PatForPrez August 21, 2022
A person lacking in good looks, usually found skulking in dark corners of bars and clubs awaiting an inebriated passerby to kidnap.
There I was, minding my own, enjoying a nice drink and a boogie, when I woke up in a strange room and realised I'd been swill swimming.

Christ, hide your lunch, it's a swill swimmer!
by Bear75 February 9, 2009