A person that is extremely hot and sexy. The boys get ripped and the girls have hot body's. Swimmers are the most sexually active out of everyone that plays sports. Swimmers are disciplined, determined, driven, and did I mention..EXTREMELY HOT.
Girl: I'm so glad I'm a swimmer :))))
by ayeimataurus:) May 13, 2020
A swimmer, the sexiest humankind ever to exist. The defined, sharp abs and the bulky arms, combined with the biggest shoulders imaginable. Swimmers are great people as well. A real team never talks behind each others backs, and will always support each other. You can tell there's this kind of personality regarding an individual swimmer you meet at school too.

Swimmers are committed 100%, and we will go any length at any speed to get that record or medal.

At practice, you feel good when you can go fast. When you are invincible. After practice, we hug our friends who are going to swim right after us, to be friendly, but really we want to be annoying and get their clothes wet. Whatever. We're gonna get wet anyway. Then, you go into the change room. If you're a male, there's a 1000% chance there's a goofy homosexual in there waiting to get you somehow. If you're a female, you will hear screaming through the other walls. If you have a universal change room, chances are that something weird will happen that you don't want to see.

Basically, a swimmer is sexy.
Some random kid: oH mY gOsH I HaD tO wAkE uP aT 7:00 tOdAy FoR a TrYoUt!!!!!! ThIs Is AbUsE!!!!
Swimmer: OHHHH POOR YOU... *dies in 4:30am*
by pinkypoodle9981 November 25, 2022
Somebody very active in the gay watersports community
Person 1: Hey! I heard that you’re an active swimmer.

Person 2: Yeah. I spend on day watching piss kink videos on Reddit.
by PatForPrez August 21, 2022
A person lacking in good looks, usually found skulking in dark corners of bars and clubs awaiting an inebriated passerby to kidnap.
There I was, minding my own, enjoying a nice drink and a boogie, when I woke up in a strange room and realised I'd been swill swimming.

Christ, hide your lunch, it's a swill swimmer!
by Bear75 February 9, 2009
Friend- “Yooo is that a gay fish?”
Other friend- “nah that’s just a male swimmer
by PUSSYSLAYER_420_69 February 20, 2021
People that are clearly on a good one, possibly haven't slept in a long while. They look as if they are doing the back stroke, while walking/speed walking, no water involved. They have a serious look on their face, they seem to be determined to get wherever they are going and nothing can do them, until that moment that comes out of no where, when all that arm flailing of the back stroke, takes on a life all it's own, and they abruptly stop walking and break it into a sort of freestyle Noodle Grove. (They are as caught off guard as the onlooker. )
All though it is not yet an official Olympic sport, it has not deterred this small group of people nation wide, from training. As soon as a proper scoring system has been decided upon, for example; degree of difficulty, transition from Street Swimming into the free style Noodle Grooving, over all execution, we will have to wait for it to be brought to the world at large. Right now there are too many variables to be judged and scored accurately.
I was driving down the main street on my way to the store, when my kids spotted an Olympic Street Swimmer, when we at the stop light. My oldest said, "wow that guy looks like a cat with tape on it's feet!", Her sister said," NO! That's an Olympic Street Swimmer! Wait for it ...." We couldn't look away. Then all of a sudden, he stopped and did a rendition of a break dance move none of us had seen before, and he looked like he was trying to chew on his shoulder. The girls grabbed some paper and a sharpie and both held up their score cards. One gave an 8.3 and the other an 8.5. they applauded and the light turned green, we talked about this all the way through the store and all the way back home we looked for others in training.
by mrs.goodman April 27, 2022