Immediately after completing the act of fingering a girl you use the same finger to administer a wet willy.
Swimmer's ear is a very strange sex act but I find it very satisfying.
by Coinage13 June 3, 2015
* A division of Stingrays Swimming who swim at the ghetto pool with the tent because we don't have a good aquatic center. But we're ten times cooler because that means the week before spring break we play ANIMAL BALL!!!! We are basically like a family, and spend all of our time together. Everyone, even the other Stingrays, wishes they were a West Pool Kid.
"Are all those swimmers related? No... they're the West Pool Swimmers . duh"
by WEST POOL REPRESENT=) March 22, 2009
a male swimmers junk, that has predominantly been shrunken due to the saturation of chemical mixtures in the pool.
"hey how was your date with jake last night?"
"Not bad, except i know he has a swimmer chode so i dont really dig that.."
"oh i see..."
by hotshot5556w January 27, 2008
October 29 is national swimmer day. On this day we celebrate our swimmers. So go say happy national swimmer day to all of the swimmers you know! Show your appreciation for the hard work/training they do every day.
“Hey look it’s a swimmer
“Oh yea it’s October the 29th it’s national swimmer day
“I’m going to tell them”
by Jackson74 October 5, 2019
A group of athletes at Miami University who frequently consume excess amounts of alcohol to compensate for the excess amounts of miles swam in the pool daily. They work hard, and play harder.

Similar to a small town, everyone seems to know everyone else's business. Rumors fly and tempers flare regardless of the hour. Sunday morning brunch at Harris Dining Hall brings out awkward weekend memories.

These MU athletes are also credited with throwing the single largest house party on campus, called Fish Fest, typically held in April each year. Hundreds of thirsty students stop by for their share of 20+ kegs and live music.

Notoriously known for having an exemplary collective GPA, the MU swimmers prove they are bound for success in and out of the pool.
I always see the Miami University Swimmers pushing tables together at Harris and talk about the weekend. Someone always gets "housed".
by Wet Redhawk July 19, 2009
A slang term for Sicilians, based on their proximity to Africa and alleged swimming ability. It is not well known if this term is considered derogatory.
"My grandmother was from Naples, but my grandfather was a fast african swimmer."
by Sean1 June 5, 2006
A girl that is on the swim team. She will never not be talking about swimming or about how sore she is after practice yesterday. She thinks she’s better than everyone else because she thinks swimming is a more difficult sport than all the others. And in all of her usernames the word swimmer or swims is in it.
“Hey, you know that girl Brooke?”

“Yeah, she is so annoying.”
“I know right? She thinks she is somehow better than everyone else just because she is on the swim team
“Yeah she’s such a swimmer girl
by Highschoolpeople November 16, 2019