A potato that is slightly sweet..NOT A YAM....also can be topped off with brown sugar or maple butter for a delicous treat...
by Rolod April 18, 2005
To repeatedly steal the shrimple off of all the custard in a bakery or restaurant and eat it
Daniel, stop sweet potatoing the custard! You’re going to ruin it for everyone else!
by Acorns Anonymous November 21, 2019
A person who applies so much makeup that they begin to appear the bright orange color of a Sweet Potato. This either results from too much of a bad spray tan or just the wrong shade of foundation. The levels of severity range from Category 1 (only a slight orange hue) to Category 10 (the exact color of a sweet potato).
"Did you see Katherine"
"Yeah, she's a Category 9 Sweet Potato"
by psdnym February 4, 2015
A good-looking guy.
Oh my God, did you see Rob? He is such a sweet potato.
by elizabethtenn August 20, 2007
A chubby person who is inexplicably attractive to others.
How does that sweet potato get so many bitches?
by sweetestp April 9, 2010
Sweet potato can also be known as Ashley. She is not a food, no no no she is a snake. Kind of funny. VERY overly sensitive.
Sweet potato is NOT a food
by Jdjdjejdudn March 16, 2019