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A potato that is slightly sweet..NOT A YAM....also can be topped off with brown sugar or maple butter for a delicous treat...
by Rolod April 17, 2005
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Sweet potato can also be known as Ashley. She is not a food, no no no she is a snake. Kind of funny. VERY overly sensitive.
Sweet potato is NOT a food
by Jdjdjejdudn March 16, 2019
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A person who applies so much makeup that they begin to appear the bright orange color of a Sweet Potato. This either results from too much of a bad spray tan or just the wrong shade of foundation. The levels of severity range from Category 1 (only a slight orange hue) to Category 10 (the exact color of a sweet potato).
"Did you see Katherine"
"Yeah, she's a Category 9 Sweet Potato"
by psdnym February 04, 2015
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