Baby is a common pet name many use to reference their significant other. Sweet Baby is a term reserved for those with only the highest level of inner and outer beauty. It originated in January of 2011, and to date only one has earned such honor.
I love my Sweet Baby, for there are none who compare!
by her Doll Face March 16, 2011
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Sweet baby is a pet name used to refer to those in the bottom of the relationship. A sweet baby is known for being cute and sweet to the top.
"I love my sweet baby he insists on cuddling whenever we can."
by Bruhchickentendies January 26, 2021
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A mysterious group of podcast listeners sworn to secrecy about the gang. It just appeared out of thin air in June 2021.
by Pinkspeedo123 June 13, 2021
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A dear friend, especially an innocent one.
Nushki is my sweet baby child!”
“Yeah, isn’t she the best?”
by Anyesimo Obesimo May 9, 2019
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Sweet Baby Ray's is a world famous barbecue known for it's distinctive sweet and yet spicy taste. It is one of the most popular barbecue sauces on the market and has been known to have a very defined, almost cult-like following.
Person 1: What kind of barbecue sauce do you use?
Person 2: Sweet Baby Ray's, you freaking newb.
by Vayne April 22, 2005
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Sweet Baby Ray’s Bar-B-Q sauce is a Bar-B-Q sauce made for people who hate flavor. Consisting mainly of corn syrup and sugar, it’s a flavorless condiment that can be found anywhere food is an afterthought. At big box retailers it’s on sale, most of the time, since no one pays full price for generics. Its low-quality ingredients meet the barest standards to be considered an actual Bar-B-Q Sauce as opposed to gangrenous ketchup.

As a descriptive adjective, it is used to describe something rudimentary, basic, foundational, or elemental. Items referred to, or labeled as Sweet Baby Ray’s, usually consist of the least amount of components required to label something of that genre.
- Lethal Weapon is the Sweet Baby Ray’s of the action movie genre.

- Tech House is the Sweet Baby Ray’s of electronic dance music.

- Cargo Shorts are the Sweet Baby Ray’s of men’s summer wear.
by Professional Kid August 10, 2016
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The best BBQ sauce in the world, and possibly the universe.

The second best thing to come out of Chicago after Playboy

The equivalent of black people in a bottle.

The sauce is the boss.
We can't have nothin' but Sweet Baby Ray's baby!
by Sweet Baby Ray October 7, 2008
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