A pair of Utility shorts crafted and shaped from only the manliest of man hands. The strongest and most durable materials go into the formation of these wonderful thigh straps. Functionality will always prevail over fashion. Your woman's purse breaks? Cargo shorts. Need a place to store your hidden packages on long treks across the desert Sahara? Cargo Shorts. Arctic Winter? Cargo Shorts. Need belt loops to hold your keys and other personal items without the hastle of denim? Cargo Shorts. Need to stay cool, while at the same time having "Just-below-the-knee-protection?" Cargo Shorts. Become a member of the #People's Organization for Cargo Shorts Today.
Have you ever been insulted because of your short style? Have you ever been publicly humiliated because of your sweet outdoor military trousers? You aren't alone. Join the cause today.

One short to rule them all.
Hey cool dude, are those Cargo Shorts you're wearing?

Hell yeah they are. I've got thirty-seven pairs of gloves, six loaves of bread, two turkey sandwiches, and a meatball in my pockets right now.
by CargoShortMan July 20, 2017
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the preferred apparel of the infamous "GDI". A pair of shorts that have two extra pockets, usually used for the storage of magic cards, handheld gameboys, etc.

the only thing that wont fit in these shorts with extra cargo space is... a bid card!
Fratstar 1: Hey dude, look at that kid with the cargo shorts.

Fratstar 2: Haha, do you know what the only thing that wont fit in those cargo shorts?

Fratstar 1: No, what?

Fratstar 2: A bid card!

Fratstar 1: Haha, fuckin geed.
by Gamma Delta Iota... June 26, 2011
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a clothing item worn by douchebags that are stuck in the late 1990's. They are also probably wearing a faded, skin tight A&F shirt, a frayed cap, and a puka shell/hemp neckalce.
nobody has gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since 'nam
by H 2 the izz0 September 24, 2009
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Term used for a gay man who gives off top energy but is actually a Masc bottom.
Oh him, he’s no top he's cargo shorts.
by Transplant Daddy March 25, 2022
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