A white boy who stays at home in his moms basement who calls the SWAT Team to raid a persons house.
You heard about that stupid, troll, and fuck boy swatter?
by NigTard January 15, 2015
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A person origining from the South Western area of Houston known as SWAT.
Look at that guy, you can definitely tell he's a swatter.
by A.C.M.K. # 23 July 13, 2009
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When a girl stops another girl from getting her game on. (The female version of a "cock blocker")

Invented by Dane Cook, said it in his may 2008 show in vegas
"I was going to get with him! You need to stop being such a twat swatter!"
by enhoJ July 21, 2008
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One who squeezes and crushes all the trolls on the chatroom
This chat is the most modded room on JTV. These mods are real troll swatters.
by trollsworstnightmare November 15, 2011
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a. The analogue of cock-blocking. When someone prevents another girl from getting laid.

b. Can also be used to describe a man swiftly rejecting a woman.
a. Did you see Bellington totally twatter swatter Raisins last night at the bar?

b. I was on my game last night. I was totally twatter swattering chicks all night until I found the right one to take home.
by thebearjew86 September 17, 2010
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The female equivalent of a cock blocker. When a woman prevents another woman from getting laid.
Me: Hey you want to come over after the party? Bryan: Yeah sounds good. Andrea: Oh, hey Tatiana. Does your boyfriend know your out tonight? Me: Uhh... Bryan: *Gets up and walks away* Me: UGH! You goddamn twat swatter! I almost had him! I'm kicking your bony ass!
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A female, who prevents another female from scoring with a guy. The female equivalent to a cock blocker, the twat swatter tends to be malicious in her means and often interferes with other women s chances for her own gain.
He was about to take me home, but then that Twat Swatter came and offered him another drink, fucking bitch!
by KimchiNoodle June 10, 2010
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