an army of people loitering in Mcdonalds or Tim Hortons. a word commonly used in Toronto. The swarm preys on fast food establishments seeking warmth in the winter time.

The common battle cry for the swarm is OOO THE SWARRM
employee 1- the swarm is coming,

employee 2- NO! theyl come and never leave
by Garret F September 05, 2011
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The most op score streak in BO2. A swarm billions of hunter killer drones are sent into the sky and pwns every dumbass nooby enough to step outside.
Gamer 1: How the hell did he get a swarm already!
Gamer 2: Because your teammates are n00bs!
by iPwnDEEZn00bs January 17, 2013
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Swarm means as a group or a singular person to take over an entire area such as a Taco Bell or a superstore. Mainly used by british stoners.
The stoners swarmed the Taco Bell there were no survivors.
After a few spliffs the stoners swarmed the party food downstairs.
by Andeh789 January 16, 2012
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An assault or mugging in which a group of people all attack a single individual at once.
Police are warning citizens not to go out alone after a recent wave of swarmings.
by RobinHood70_1 November 04, 2016
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Move in large numbers.
The term swarm is applied to fish, birds and insects
A swarm of friends congratulated him.
by Vamsee September 24, 2006
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