To come to understand (a person).

To manage to work (something) out, to determine (something).

Etymology: From suspect. (Copied from wiktionary)
Can you suss out Jim? Does he drink or not?

We've sussed out how to open the lock.
by Fried Hog October 31, 2013
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When referring to the popular 2018 video game "Among Us", "Suss out" means to identify and vote out the imposter before he manages to kill all crewmates aboard, this task is quite difficult considering that it is easy for one to be falsely accused as the imposter. An example of a conversation would go as follows:
Orange: Bro, red vented in electrical and me and purple both saw it! I say we suss out red before things get out of hand.
Purple: He's right, I saw red vent in electrical too.
Red: Bullshit! It's clear that their are two liars among us!

Blue has voted, 7 remaining.
Green has voted, 6 remaining.
Orange has voted, 5 remaining.
Purple has voted, 4 remaining.
Black has voted, 3 remaining.
Brown has voted, 2 remaining.
Cyan has voted, 1 remaining.

Red: Fuck you, guys.
by shit_shoveler May 25, 2021
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Sus: Giving the impression that something is questionable or dishonest; suspicious. (Found this onine)
For when you or your friends find out your acting sus.
Someone 1: Hey bro your acting abit sus, I dont wanna sus you out bro
Someone 2: Bro I swear your just hearing things, Its gotta be my mic
a week later:
Someone 1: Hey bro remember when you got sussed out?
Someone 2: when was that.
by mac and cheese lmaop October 1, 2021
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To feel that there is something super suspicious about someone, something, or a situation.
Wow, man. I am so sussed out right now.
by orangesthebest May 16, 2022
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When you are scared, upset, or bothered by something.
Wow I'm really sussed out after seeing that ghost in specter.
by Coinboy June 16, 2021
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Jerry : Apparently the pastors wife has lost the plot and is giving out free blow jobs around the back of the town hall.
Mr. Barnaby: Well then my good man, I might pop down there and suss out the sitto.
by Rex Mulligan November 11, 2016
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When a sir-cum-stance leaves you super confused that you don't know what to do.
Lucas said he wanted to drop out of college. That shit still has me sussed out.
by BoogieBuns October 29, 2021
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