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Nickname for popular comic book hero, Superman (aka: Brian Holden/Brolden).
Brolden: Yo, Supes!
Brolden: Yeah, Snoop Dog?
Brolden: You've got a phone call, mothafucka!
by Supes MothaFucka May 28, 2012
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(Definition 1)

Short for Super. Basically meaning really awesome or cool.

(Definition 2)

Also used as a shorter word for Superman. Mainly used by comic book writers.
(Definition 1)

Dude, how are you going to jump off that ladder? You're Supes High Up!

Bro, those shoes are totally supes!

(Definition 2)

Hey, Bill. Did you finish writing the comic strip for Supes yet?

Hey, Simon. You know that the new Supes Movie just cameout?
by SteezyHipster May 29, 2012
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Adjective. Short for super. Super awesome or cool or dope. Also can be used instead or really or very.
Your mom's mac N cheese is supes delicious.

I supes need a massage.

This artwork is supes amazing!
by Mswisefool January 18, 2015
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short for supernaturals, used in trueblood to refer to vampires, werewolf's, shifters etc. anyone who isn't a normal human
sam merlott: I think it was hate crime, they've only been targeting supes..
by mikey.mike August 17, 2012
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To add aftermarket components to a vehicle to enhance acceleration, handling and performance. The root of the word is derived from superman (a figure synonymous with power/speed)
Yo mang my honda is suped to the tits!
-VW owns you you little bish!
by Nuttage April 21, 2004
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slang for supernatural creature including but not exclusive to werewolves, vampires or fey folk.
Supes are often misunderstood by humans because of their strange lifestyles.
by alliedoll42 June 13, 2012
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