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Actor Brian Holden. Member of the wildly popular theater group Starkid. Name came from A Very Potter Musical when A Zac Efron poster was called a Zephron poster. Names such as these are made by taking the first letter of a person's first name and adding it to the beginning of their last name. For Example Brosenthal (Brian Rosenthal). Brian Holden is known for Playing Lupin in A Very Potter Sequel, Flopsy in MAMD, and Junior in the new Starkid Production STARSHIP. It has been rumored that he cannot sing, but contrary to belief, he can example (watch Starship).
Starkid Fan 1: Hey, have you seen the new Starkid Update Video?
Starkid Fan 2: Yes I know! I love watching Brolden give those videos!
by UhuraNcc1701 October 26, 2011
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