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A slightly classier, less plastic and less touristy version of the Gold Coast.
"I prefer the sunshine coast because the Victorians don't come this far.
by Big Fella May 28, 2005
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Best Place to be in Aus. best people. sick beaches. it's also in QLD awesome state. and if you don't like it get fuckd! suck shit if you lived anywhere else during that disaster season! fire in western aus. floods in the bottom half. and hurricane/torrnadeo thing up north. but sunny coast un-touched!
dude best place in the world?
ahh probs the sunny coast (Sunshine Coast) aye!
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A place in British Columbia,Canada.Near Vancouver,though you have to take a ferry to get to it it is actually a peninsula.
Known by its socially boring population,snobs,losers,uncultured dumbasses,creeps,hicks,trailer trash,low employment,bad shopping etc. also known for its beautiful scenery,which in my opinion sucks ass.
The Sunshine coast includes the communities:Howe Sound,Langdale,Gibsons,Roberts creek,Wilson creek,Davis Bay,Selma Park,Sechelt,Twannek(who the fuck cares how its doesn't even have a corner store),West Sechelt,Halfmoon Bay,Secret Cove,Madeira Park(also known as Mad Park),Garden Bay and Egmont.Mad Park,Garden Bay and Egmont put together make Pender Harbour.Most people,including me, lump Langdale and Gibsons together,because frankly,they are basically the same place...and no one cares about Howe Sound because there's nothing there except a pulp mill.Roberts creek is known for its Hippies.Gibsons for its Gangstas(aka g-unit losers)and hoes.Davis Bay for its snobs(but most other of the communities mentioned have snobs too,just that place has an abundance of them).Lower wilson creek(on the highway) for its druggies,trannies and people with stds.
There are a few more stereotypes,but i won't mention them.
There are three highschools on the sunshine coast...Chatelech Secondary(Chat),Elphinstone Secondary(Elphi) and Pender Harbour Secondary(Pender)which retardedly enough includes not just from 8-12,but 7 too!.Chat is in Sechelt,Elphi in Gibsons and Pender in um...Pender.There are also alternative schools.

Now for a joke involving Pender.
Yes,off topic but involves the sunshine coast.

How many kids from Pender does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Both of them.

Because,you see, the student population is very small...only reaching around 200 students(in the 2004/2005 school year it had only 180 students).

Yup,its true.That is what the sunshine coast is all about.
I make it seem pretty much is...but there are some awesome cool people here ,not just freaks.
Person#1:Hey,where do you live?
Person#2:Sunshine coast.
by Odessa May 23, 2006
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An area found on the east coast of Australia where thousands of skanks, bitches and shit face boys can be found in measly jobs and bumming off their parents. Basically a shithole.
"Where is the worst most boring place you have ever been?"
"The Sunshine Coast. What a piece of crap"
by Shit bits December 04, 2004
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