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Like the drink, suck it all up and feel the cool, sweet taste going down your throat. Girls call it the "First Blowjob".
Kate: So what did you do this weekend?
Miley: I gave Chris a Sunny D. He loved it and so did I!
by Wiggies911 March 06, 2017
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Skinny white basic bitch with ugly features, shops at target, drinks at Starbucks, "namast'ay in bed", in love with light skins, fucking caterpillars for eyebrows, "has 20 black friends who smoke cocaine", soccer4life, her legs look like their backwards, has "friends that are freshmen varsity football players", all guys "love"her, had "20 boyfriends", she's def popular, very rich with her designer clothes from target, peace sign for life, and likes to stick her non existent ass out
Omg did you see nessa today at volleyball she stuck her ass out, omg she's such a sunny d.
by Mom grandmas scaring me March 16, 2017
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sucks; A pejorative reference to the god-awful orange-like drink sold in stores nationwide.
Man, the way she broke up with you at the concert really "sunny-d'ed"!
by BC Lee October 13, 2005
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