Sunny D is the avatar of racism on this Earth. If there is a racist phrase you better be double sure that he has spoken it. But his racist tendencies are rather heroic and noble for he is racist to all but none; an indiscriminate racist who brings about equality by degrading everyone equally.

Additionally, he also has a spherical that can be accurately solely through of a cumpass. He wakes up every day with a Sunny D and his third leg sometimes appears when looking at 14 year old girls (such as yo mamma (gotteem)). Sunny is in bin set math and is therefore unable to count past 12, hence his paedophilic tendencies, but that does not rule out old people.

He also is obsessed with dream to a worrying extent, such that he is seen with cum-filled curry-stained mildly brown real life sized dream body pillow with extra moaning sounds and light up asshole (now with age settings (11-13))
Wogsef Neekler: Hey, can you play league of legends later?
Sunny: Stfu you are a dirty nigger coon paki chink wigger yorkie cracker curry-muncher camel-jocky faggot bitch ass cunt fucking bastard bloody + I love dream so much I want to commit heinous acts upon his tender (obese) body.
Wogsef Neekler: Yes Daddy.... You have invoked a Sunny D in my pants.
by hoesanna69 March 18, 2022
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I'm having a bad trip, I shouldn't have had that Sunny D
by patrick peabody May 4, 2009
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Lets see, we got some soda, some purple stuff, oh hell yeah Sunny D!
by yonskii July 11, 2009
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Like the drink, suck it all up and feel the cool, sweet taste going down your throat. Girls call it the "First Blowjob".
Kate: So what did you do this weekend?
Miley: I gave Chris a Sunny D. He loved it and so did I!
by Wiggies911 March 6, 2017
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Boyfriend: babe I have Sunny D

Girlfriend: nope not today
by Dezi_ June 11, 2018
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Street name for a drug that is often found in either a peach/orange powder or small pill. consumption of this drug will likely result in extreme highs and occasional hallucinations
Tim: Yo mark I snorted a line of the sunny d at that party last night and i swear i saw butterflies coming out of your nose
Mark: man that is crazy haha i heard Julie did a line too and next thing we knew she was naked on a swing lol
by lababe224 December 15, 2013
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