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A juvenile prank (usu. committed near Halloween) where a person's car or front porch is coated in syrup, honey and sugar.

This process attracts many bugs (esp. ants) which can cause hundreds of dollars in damage.
Mark: Nina! Get an exterminator on the line!

Nina: Why, what happened?

Mark: I think some punks were sugaring my car last night! There are bugs everywhere!
by That Guy With The Face November 06, 2013
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Making a living by pretending to like someone, usually someone older who has money (sugar daddy, sugar momma). Used to be a girl who did this was a gold digger; today, there are websites connecting girls with sugar daddies to pay for their college tuition, etc. Does not *have to* include sex/prostitution.....
She was a stripper for 5 years, now she's just sugaring to pay her bills.
by timoshi August 14, 2015
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When a girl/woman is working a for-profit relationship with a man or woman.
Stacy got that nice rack and car sugaring.
by BigBrainNicky June 02, 2018
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ancient form of hair removal. all natural consists of sugar, lemon, and water. most popular area for treatment is woman's pubic area. all taken off brazilian style. a whole lot less painful than waxing.
girl: I'm getting hairy down there

girl 2: time to get a sugaring.
by chapparita-rosamaria July 03, 2009
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During, before, or after sex, sugaring is when you draw a line of cocaine from her bellybutton to her vagina, and then proceed to snort it off. As the name suggests, it...sweetens the experience.
Guy 1: Damnnn we tried sugaring last night.

Guy 2: Awesome! I hear that shit's the best!

Guy 1: Yea, it really puts you in the mood to cricket afterwards!
by The M-Xican October 15, 2010
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